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F.L.Y. – Die zukünftige Achterbahn-Weltneuheit im Phantasialand

20 juni 2017

F.L.Y. – Die zukünftige Achterbahn-Weltneuheit im Phantasialand

Gepubliceerd op 20 juni 2017 Phantasialand

Brühl – Nach Black Mamba, Talocan, Wellenflug, Maus au Chocolat, Chiapas, Raik und Taron erwartet euch in Zukunft mit F.L.Y. eine Achterbahn-Neuheit. Der erste Flying Launch Coaster und längste Flying Coaster der Welt wird in dem einzigartigen Gesamtprojekt Rookburgh eingebettet sein.


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Disneyland Resort announces grand opening for new attractions

10 maart 2012

Disneyland Resort announces grand opening for new attractions

9 Mar 2012

Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, has announced that 15 June will see the grand opening of Cars Land, Buena Vista Street and the Carthay Circle Theatre, which will be part of the Disney California Adventure park.

The new additions will mark the completion of a five-year expansion project at the resort, which is situated in southern California in the south-west United States and comprises two theme parks, three hotels and a shopping and dining district.

Cars Land will take visitors on a journey through the world of the Disney-Pixar animated movie Cars, with three family attractions featuring characters and settings from the film and themed shopping and dining venues such as Flo’s V8 Cafe and Ramone’s House of Body Art.

Buena Vista Street will serve as the new entrance to the Disney California Adventure park and will recreate Los Angeles in the 1920s, when Walt Disney first arrived in the city.

The new street will be home to the Carthay Circle Theatre, a new feature modelled on the site of the 1937 world premiere of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs that will include a restaurant and a lounge.