Disney parks stop scans for topless riders

Disney parks stop scans for topless riders

May 6, 2009

ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) — Disney says it will no longer scan riders on Splash Mountain and three other rides for guests who feel the need to flash their breasts for souvenir photos. Disney confirmed Tuesday that it has reassigned employees at Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure who watched for breast-baring riders because "actual inappropriate behaviors by guests are rare."

Disneyland spokeswoman Suzi Brown says the changes took effect Sunday at Splash Mountain, Tower of Terror, Space Mountain and California Screamin’. Riders are photographed on the attractions and can then buy souvenir copies. Some have exposed their breasts in hopes that the picture would make it onto a photo preview screen at the ride’s exit. The company began the screening about 10 years ago.

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Bron: The Associated Press

Disney drops its flashing cops


Published: May 8, 2009

CHEEKY girls have been given the go-ahead to BARE THEIR BOOBS in Disney World — because theme park chiefs aí their flasher police. Disney bosses brought in a crack squad to monitor souvenir photos on their rides including Splash Mountain and The Tower of Terror ten years ago.

Flash Mountain … girls bare their boobs

They acted after kiddie-friendly water-ride Splash Mountain had been nicknamed Flash Mountain due to the amount of women showing off their breasts. Employees were told to look out for nudity on the photos which are taken when the ride’s in motion and immediately delete them.

A Disney insider said: ”The photos were all shown on a huge bank of monitors near the ride’s exit where anyone including children could see them. “We usually made an excuse like the flash didn’t go off and there was no photo.” Disney has confirmed employees who usually watch for breast-baring riders have been reassigned. Disney spokesman Zoraya Suarez claimed: "Actual inappropriate behaviour by guests is rare."

See below for more girls bare all:

Flashing … girl caught on camera

Wat-er sight … topless rider

Cheeky … visitor pulls her top down

Bit of fun … showing everything off

Thrillseekers … pair bare boobs

Bron: www.thesun.co.uk

Disney Theme Park Attraction Photos Will No Longer Be Censored

5/6/2009 3:19 PM EST

As of Sunday, May 3rd, 2009, the Disney Company has announced that three of their attractions at Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure won’t be playing "big brother" with its attraction photography.

In the past Disney has used cast members solely for the purpose to "filter" photos that contained guests exposing themselves or doing other inappropriate gestures.

Disney states the reason for the move is that "actual inappropriate behaviors by guests are rare."

The other rides that were affected are Tower of Terror, Space Mountain and California Screamin’.  Disney started screening photos at its theme parks approximately ten years ago.

Bron: www.magicalmountain.net

Massa’s blote borsten door besparingen bij Disney World


Omwille van besparingen worden in het pretpark Disney World weer talloze blote borsten gesignaleerd. Het team dat gewaagde souvenirfoto’s moest verwijderen kreeg een andere taak en zo hebben de ‘flashers’ weer vrij spel.

Flash Mountain
Het censuurteam moest er voor zorgen dat de borstenfoto’s die genomen werden in attracties als de Splash Mountain – ook wel smalend Flash Mountain genoemd – of The Tower of Terror meteen verwijderd werden. Zo werd voorkomen dat die prentjes opdoken aan de uitgang van de attracties, waar de bezoekers hun keuze konden maken..

"Toen de flashers vroegen waar hun foto gebleven was, zeiden we dan dat ze mislukt waren door een technisch defect", zegt een insider. De borstenpolitie heeft inmiddels een andere taak in het pretpark gekregen, waardoor de tietenfreaks weer vrij spel krijgen. (eb)




Bron: Het Laatste Nieuws (08/05/09 16u13)


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